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Fucking idiot! [24 Dec 2004|11:24pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

bigpimp830: so
bigpimp830: s
bigpimp830: ss
bigpimp830: s
bigpimp830: u thwere
howdydaybe3: yeah
howdydaybe3: i'm here
bigpimp830: c
bigpimp830: o
bigpimp830: o
bigpimp830: l
bigpimp830: l
bigpimp830: o
howdydaybe3: lol
bigpimp830: l
bigpimp830: fu
bigpimp830: n
bigpimp830: ny
bigpimp830: kjhgf
bigpimp830: r
bigpimp830: pimpfffffffffff
bigpimp830: d
bigpimp830: dddddd
bigpimp830: dd
bigpimp830: pimpfffffffffff
bigpimp830: d
bigpimp830: d
bigpimp830: dddddd
bigpimp830: pimpfffffffffff
bigpimp830: pimpfffffffffff
bigpimp830: pimpfffffffffff
bigpimp830: pimpfffffffffff
bigpimp830: pimpfffffffffff
bigpimp830: d
bigpimp830: fghujikoi
bigpimp830: juhygtfdsfghj
bigpimp830: kp;[plokjuhygtfrd
bigpimp830: ertyuiop
bigpimp830: oiuytrert
bigpimp830: 6789
bigpimp830: 789
bigpimp830: 087
bigpimp830: 6
bigpimp830: 66666666666
bigpimp830: 66666666666666
bigpimp830: 6666666666666
bigpimp830: 6666666666666
bigpimp830: 6666666666666
bigpimp830: 66666666666666
bigpimp830: 6
howdydaybe3: how about this one..
howdydaybe3: 666
bigpimp830: l
bigpimp830: o
howdydaybe3: yeargh
bigpimp830: l
bigpimp830: yo
bigpimp830: u
bigpimp830: r
bigpimp830: f
bigpimp830: un
bigpimp830: n
bigpimp830: y
bigpimp830: lo
bigpimp830: l
bigpimp830: i
bigpimp830: lo
bigpimp830: ve
bigpimp830: u
howdydaybe3: thanks
howdydaybe3: and why is that?
bigpimp830: bacause
howdydaybe3: why?
bigpimp830: cause i do
howdydaybe3: okay then
bigpimp830: :D
howdydaybe3: but don't you love some one where you live?
bigpimp830: were do u live
howdydaybe3: Abilene,Texas
bigpimp830: nvm
bigpimp830: im sorry
bigpimp830: im scared now
howdydaybe3: why should you be sorry?
bigpimp830: cause u live near me
howdydaybe3: well..that makes two of us that are scared.
howdydaybe3: it fucking sucks here anyways.
bigpimp830: im really scared
howdydaybe3: i believe you
howdydaybe3: i just might kill you in your sleep
bigpimp830: nooooooooo
howdydaybe3: don't love me anymore do you?
bigpimp830: please dont
bigpimp830: no
howdydaybe3: good
bigpimp830: please dont
howdydaybe3: now fucking leave me alone
bigpimp830: ok
bigpimp830: :(
howdydaybe3: why
howdydaybe3: i thought you were scared.
bigpimp830: iam
howdydaybe3: make up your fucking mind
bigpimp830: im sorry
bigpimp830: please dont hurt me
howdydaybe3: dude, it was a joke
howdydaybe3: i don't give a shit about you
howdydaybe3: or killing you for that matter
bigpimp830: bye
bigpimp830: im sorry for messing with u
howdydaybe3: bye
howdydaybe3: but you don't have to be sorry
bigpimp830: im sorry
bigpimp830: please dont hurt me
bigpimp830: please
howdydaybe3: ah shit man, i wouldn't kill anyone
bigpimp830: i will get off line if u want but dont come to my house and hurt me
howdydaybe3: i don't know where your house it
howdydaybe3: *ijs
howdydaybe3: fuck..*is
howdydaybe3: and i don't care
howdydaybe3: i've never met you in real life
bigpimp830: i should have not even chatted to u cause now u can come to my house and kill me
howdydaybe3: oh my fucking god..
howdydaybe3: did you tell me where you lived? you're street address and shit?
howdydaybe3: NOOOOOOOOOOOO
howdydaybe3: you didn't
howdydaybe3: so how can i fucking kill you
bigpimp830: u can track me down
howdydaybe3: no i can't
howdydaybe3: that's a myth
howdydaybe3: i'm not a crazy bitch
howdydaybe3: just annoyed
bigpimp830: im still scared
howdydaybe3: well good, you stay scared.
bigpimp830: i will do anything
howdydaybe3: i've told you i won't kill you and you're so stupid you still think i will
bigpimp830: for u not to hurt me or kill me
howdydaybe3: good.
howdydaybe3: will you fuckin shut up?
bigpimp830: c your crazy
howdydaybe3: i'm putting you on ignore.
howdydaybe3: and i won't see you or fucking
howdydaybe3: "track you down"
howdydaybe3: for a man, you act like a pussy


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*SUICIDE* [23 Dec 2004|03:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Early this morning(sorry I forgot to copy the convo) this guy from India Im'ed me. This was our convo as far as I can remember:
Him:"You're beautiful. I love you."
Me: "Fucking a'...you don't even know me."
Me: "You haven't seen me a day in your life."
Him:"Yes. But I love you. Let's talk."
"I don't want to talk to you..."I said.
"We'll talk about anything," he said. "No," I said.
Him:"Let's talk hot then."
Me:"Fucker, don't you understand??!..I.DON'T.WANT.TO.TALK.TO.YOU."
Him:"Come on baby, I want to cum."
Me:"Fuck off.I'm putting your freaky ass on ignore."


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GAY! [13 Oct 2004|02:34am]

amel_the_overwhelming: This is the god of anal sex you have been chosen to sacrifice your ass to my huge cock, bend over and be ready to resive the holy cock and have the blessing cum inside of you

robert_smith_is_my_god: THAT is the most stupidest IM I ever got, you are a moron.

amel_the_overwhelming: is that a way to talk to the god of anal sex you will be punish, your ass will bleed when the holy cock gose in you


amel_the_overwhelming: bend over and be ready for the blessing

robert_smith_is_my_god: FUCK off, you are NOW on ignore asshole.
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MOST obviously a joke!!!! [13 Oct 2004|02:16am]

snow_da_man: how have you been
robert_smith_is_my_god: fan-fucking-tastic!
snow_da_man: thats good, whats new with you
robert_smith_is_my_god: i gave birth to triplets
snow_da_man: oh yeah? whos the father
robert_smith_is_my_god: my brother
robert_smith_is_my_god: he is HOT stuff!
snow_da_man: lol
robert_smith_is_my_god: what is so funny?
snow_da_man: nothing, thats cool so what are their names
robert_smith_is_my_god: robert, siouxsie and perry.
snow_da_man: cool cool, how old are they now
robert_smith_is_my_god: a few months
snow_da_man: are they all deformed and shit i heard that inbread baby end up like that
robert_smith_is_my_god: FUCK YOU ASSHOLE
robert_smith_is_my_god: how dare you say that shit to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
snow_da_man: i was just asking im sorry
robert_smith_is_my_god: OKAY
snow_da_man: so hows school
robert_smith_is_my_god: school, whats that?
robert_smith_is_my_god: ok bye.
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Fluffy and Kel-Kel. [28 Sep 2004|04:55pm]

[ mood | ME EVIL! ]

Salt4YourWound66: Everyone at GSA was dissing AFI. :-( and emo.
TheLurveHaters: :'(
TheLurveHaters: I don't understand why they love to AFI!?
Salt4YourWound66: Brad made fun of me. :-(
TheLurveHaters: *sadness*
TheLurveHaters: brad made fun of me too
Salt4YourWound66: I think all music should be loved equally. :-( I never make fun of THEIR music.
TheLurveHaters: We can be Brad Rejects together!!!!
Salt4YourWound66: *emo hug*
TheLurveHaters: YAY
TheLurveHaters: hehe
Salt4YourWound66: Yay!
Salt4YourWound66: The Se!x!y! Brad Reject Fiends.
Salt4YourWound66: Wow. What an emo band name,
TheLurveHaters: hehehee.
TheLurveHaters: I don't listen to Emo.
TheLurveHaters: At least I don't think I do..
TheLurveHaters: LOL

Those weird Emo Chics...
*rolls eyes*

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Robert Smith is my GOD... [26 Sep 2004|03:39pm]

robert_moon1985: wow who is robert smith?
robert_smith_is_my_god: MY GOD
robert_moon1985: for real who is that?
robert_smith_is_my_god: Robert Smith is a songwriter, musician, singer
robert_moon1985: what does he sing?
robert_smith_is_my_god: songs
robert_moon1985: no shit
robert_moon1985: what kind
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHAHHAAAA!
robert_moon1985: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what kind?
robert_smith_is_my_god: HE SINGS.... that is that. There is no way to describe him, he is too great.
robert_smith_is_my_god: OKAY!
robert_smith_is_my_god: Now fuck off
robert_moon1985: what genre of music does the bastard sing?
robert_smith_is_my_god: MANY GENRES
robert_smith_is_my_god: fuck you dont get it do you?
robert_smith_is_my_god: FUCK OFF
robert_smith_is_my_god: now go ahead and say one more stupid thing so i can put you on ignore
robert_moon1985: YOU UGLY AS FUCK ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHHAHAAA!
robert_smith_is_my_god: awww that hurts my feelings
robert_smith_is_my_god: i am gonna cry
robert_smith_is_my_god: boo hoo
robert_smith_is_my_god: someone online told me i was ugly, that is the worst thing that could happen to me.
robert_smith_is_my_god: goodbye fuck face.
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Lame-o... [21 Sep 2004|05:33pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Some stupid lady, Sara Freder won't stop emailing me...

Hello Amanda, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY because if the informations that I have got concerning your date of birh are true, today is your birthday and that is why, for this opportunity, I want to send you this Happinness message.

In addition, I have to make you an important revelation about your futur,and about the surprising abilities which concerns you.

The clairvoyance of your chances that I have done especially for your birthday, which you can find at the address below, is so amazing that I still without any voice...

It'd be nice if she knew how to spell.
(P.S. Not funny, but semi-amusing.)

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PART 2 [20 Sep 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | curious ]

donadoni_gsm: hey this is lust man here...
robert_smith_is_my_god: you are really lame if you need to make another name to bother me.
robert_smith_is_my_god: you say you dont want to see my face, then go away.
donadoni_gsm: did u got me?
robert_smith_is_my_god: it's NOT like your face is the most beautiful, actually it's totally disgusting.
robert_smith_is_my_god: *BARF*
donadoni_gsm: i cannot see ur face now dear
robert_smith_is_my_god: dear?
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHAHHAHAAAA
robert_smith_is_my_god: what the FUCK do you want cock face?
donadoni_gsm: want to fuck ur ass hole...
robert_smith_is_my_god: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA!
donadoni_gsm: hahahaha
robert_smith_is_my_god: oh my god, you are stupid.
robert_smith_is_my_god: you will never fuck me
robert_smith_is_my_god: NEVER
robert_smith_is_my_god: i would vomit all over you because you are disgusting
robert_smith_is_my_god: fucking terrorist
donadoni_gsm: i m sure that if i meet u i will not be able to fuck u becouse u look like a devil ..
robert_smith_is_my_god: I am the devil!
robert_smith_is_my_god: and you look like a fucking peice of shit
donadoni_gsm: no
donadoni_gsm: u r the queen of devils
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHHAAA
donadoni_gsm: tell me ur real name....
robert_smith_is_my_god: Diablo
donadoni_gsm: so nice meet u diablo.......like ur character...very funny....
robert_smith_is_my_god: oh yes
robert_smith_is_my_god: where are you from? let me guess.... Iraq?
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHAHAA
robert_smith_is_my_god: Egypt?
donadoni_gsm: na....
donadoni_gsm: na...
robert_smith_is_my_god: na na?
donadoni_gsm: means no in our language
robert_smith_is_my_god: what language?
donadoni_gsm: hindi
robert_smith_is_my_god: ok
donadoni_gsm: now can u tell from which country i m?
robert_smith_is_my_god: i do not care
donadoni_gsm: let me check up ur gk
robert_smith_is_my_god: you are boring
robert_smith_is_my_god: good bye asshole

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Lust [20 Sep 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

lust_man_007: hahaha....
lust_man_007: how r u?
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAA
robert_smith_is_my_god: fucking fantastic
lust_man_007: oh greate...
lust_man_007: remove ur pic .... i m afraid of seeing u...
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHHAHAAHAA
robert_smith_is_my_god: then DONT talk to me you fucking retard
robert_smith_is_my_god: how hard is that?
lust_man_007: oops...
robert_smith_is_my_god: oops
robert_smith_is_my_god: mr. lust man
robert_smith_is_my_god: HAHHAHAAA!
lust_man_007: it realy frightening.....
robert_smith_is_my_god: wow, thats awesome.
robert_smith_is_my_god: thanks
robert_smith_is_my_god: you are really are an idiot i'm putting you on ignore, and let me tell you, if you dont want to see my face, stop IM'ing me
robert_smith_is_my_god: its VERY simple fuck face
robert_smith_is_my_god: no fuck off
lust_man_007: dont u know any other word other than fucking...

Check him out!Collapse )

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You know what? [20 Sep 2004|02:06pm]
Someone needs to start posting before I get all crazy up in here!
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Welcome all!! [16 Sep 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I have gotten random humorous Im's over the years, and some are still saved. I thought it was about time that I made a community for this sort of thing. Because lately I've noticed many of my own LJ friends posting conversations in their journals. Here we can post them for everyone to see! Please have fun with this, that is what it is all about.


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